Remember to Return Your Books

A gentle reminder that if you still have books checked out, please remember that when you have finished that last paper return the books you borrowed to the library.

Bad things can happen when books are not returned. The library will place a replacement charge and send it over to the Business Office.  You won’t get your grades. If you are a senior, you won’t graduate. Not returning your books can be a hassle.

The library staff receives no pleasure in making life difficult, but  future students  need to have the opportunity you had to learn, become more enlightened, or at least be able to finish their last term papers.

So please remember, books are due on or before December 12th. You can check which books are still listed as being checked out by you from the Online Catalog. If there is any discrepancy, please visit us at the Circulation Desk or call 704.233.8089.